LiYCY LSZH Controlflex

LiYCY LSZH Controlflex

Designed to avoid external high frequency interference in environments where smoke and toxic fumes can cause danger to life. 

Screened Control Cables are flexible in design and application. 

Examples include control, signalling, measurement, motor and robotics.

Flame Retardant BS EN 60332-1

Flame Propagation BS EN 60332-3-24

Smoke Emissions BS EN 61034-2. BS EN 50268

Acid Gas Emission BS EN 50267-2-1. BS EN 60754

Construction Products Regulation Class EN 50575 – Cca-s1.d1.a

Conductor Material - Copper, bare
Conductor Class - Class 5 acc. to DIN VDE 0295 or IEC 60228
Core Insulation -Low smoke zero halogen ( LSZH)
Core Identification - Acc. to DIN VDE 0293 black cores with white
Stranding - Cores twisted into layers
Screen - Tinned copper wire braid
Outer Sheath -Low smoke zero halogen (LSZH)
Sheath Colour - Grey (RAL 7001)
Rated Voltage [V] - 300 / 500
Testing Voltage [V] - core/core 4000 V; core/shield 2000
Insulation Resistance - ≥ 20 MΩ x km
Current-Carrying Capacity - DIN VDE 0295 (see technical guidelines)
Min. Bending Radius Fixed [x d] - 6
Min. Bending Radius Moved [x d] - 15
Working Temp. Fixed Min/Max [°C] - -40°C up to +80
Working Temp. Moved Min/Max [°C] - -5°C up to +70
Temp. At Conductor Max - +70°C in operation
+150°C in case of short-circuit
Burning Behaviour - IEC 60332-1: flame-retardant and
Temperature Moved - -5° C to 70° C
-40° C to 80° C
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