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When the weathers HOT



When the weathers hot Premier Cables deliver, offering unique solutions to alleviate the challenges and increased demand facing Installers. Premier offer a wide range of cable for use in the ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration markets including a large number of LSZH products.


Positive start for Premier Cables


Premier Cables has started 2018 on a positive note, with the opening of a new depot in Belfast and a new sales office in Dublin.
Six years ago, Premier Cables took a major step forward with the opening of the company’s first official base to cover Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Now the leading cable distributor and supplier has taken that further, by relocating to new premises that are over twice the size of their previous facilities. This has been further enhanced with the opening of a new sales office in Dublin and the appointment of John Macken, Regional Manager (Ireland). Nigel Miller, Business Manager at Premier Cables, explained, “Since we opened in Belfast in 2012, we have experienced continual growth, and that is reflected by these latest developments. “Our new depot is based at West Bank Road in Belfast Harbour Estate and it will continue to cover our customers right across Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, delivering the high levels of service we have become known for. “Our continuing success in Ireland has also led us to open a new sales office, which will be headed up by John, who brings a lot of experience to this role.”
The new premises in Belfast are not far from the company’s previous base – a strategic decision that was taken to ensure that customers continue to benefit from this popular and easily accessible location.
Nigel added, “Thanks to the new premises, we are now able to offer an increased cutting capacity and a fast turnaround on collections, thanks to our new trade counter collection point. We will hold more stock of our extensive range and are still able to offer next-day delivery to customers throughout Ireland, with stock tailored to meet the requirements of both the Northern Irish and Southern Irish markets.”




Its still raining, but not even the weather can prevent Premier Cables from another record year. Premier Cables as part of the IEWC group continues to grow, with new sales offices and larger warehousing facilities to cope with the ever increasing demands of the Industries we serve.





Argosy Showcases Unique Control and Display Systems at ISE 2018

Argosy, IEWC’s Broadcast & AV division is demonstrating its range of infrastructure products at ISE 2018 (Amsterdam RAI, 6 – 9 February, stand 10-K160). Highlights include intelligent display and power management systems from IPE, the unique 4k-over-IP KVM solution from ATEN and video scalars and routers from Ensemble Design.

Large audiovisual installations depend upon multiple individual pieces of equipment. The eMU3 intelligent mains distribution system from IPE, distributed by Argosy, provides complete control and monitoring, including start-up sequencing, load-shedding and monitoring. A single network can support 96 individual devices over IP.

Where the remote devices support it, the same network harvests data from each device, such as environmental parameters and equipment status. Alerts are displayed through the system’s simple web user interface. eMU3 distribution panels can include automatic changeover for high availability requirements.

Argosy will also be demonstrating the Intelligent Display System (IDS) from IPE, which can be linked to eMU3 power management to enrich an overall management system, and to provide warnings and alarms at key points in the system. IDS is a powerful dynamic intelligent display and management system, which supports large numbers of user-defined screen designs to any connected display device. As well as system status information, IDS screens can include clocks, cue lamps, scrolling text, control interfaces, video streams, URLs, RSS feeds, digital signage and branded media.

Another highlight of the Argosy display at ISE 2018 is the first KVM (keyboard, video and mouse) solution capable of supporting visually lossless 4k Ultra HD, over a copper gigabit ethernet network. Developed by ATEN system, it allows the hardware for a complete facility to be installed in a central machine room, with the control surfaces and monitors connected over the existing network fabric.

Ensemble Design will also be on the Argosy booth this year, demonstrating its range of video scalers and routers, designed as compact problem-solving solutions. BrightEye routers and SDI embedders will be among the products on show.

Audiovisual installations are very sophisticated today – we are currently involved in the installation of a very large VR experience centre in Dubai, for example,” said Chris Smeeton, CEO of Argosy. “The underlying technology, from cables and connectors to power management and systems monitoring, is vital if the system is going to perform perfectly, day after day.

We take seriously our role to provide this underlying technology, working with innovative vendors like ATEN and IPE, but also with the companies making seemingly routine products like cable and connectors,” Smeeton added. “By working with market leaders like Belden, Nexis and Cliff Connectors we can help our customers get the very best solutions for their installation at the optimum price.”

IEWC Acquires Premier Cables Limited


iewc head office master

IEWC is pleased to announce it has acquired UK-based Premier Cables Limited. Premier Cables is a distributor of cable and accessories to various building projects, infrastructure, broadcast and communications and alternative energy projects, directly and through wholesalers. Owned and operated by three business partners, Jeff Weinstein, Ray Weinstein and Anthony Hopkins, the company has seen significant growth over the years through their strong, effective leadership. Company leadership will continue under the current structure as Jeff, Ray and Anthony push to propagate strategic growth initiatives.

Jeff Weinstein, Managing Director of IEWC’s newly formed ‘Infrastructure Division’ stated, “This is an exciting time in the life of Premier Cables. Our business model has found solid favour in the UK market and the business is looking forward to opportunities to extend its service offering throughout other parts of the world.”

David Nestingen, IEWC’s CEO commented, “From the very beginning of our negotiations it became readily apparent that Premier Cables represented a solid strategic fit in support of IEWC’s global business platform. Jeff, Ray and Tony are wire savvy business professionals whose leadership skills, commercial talents and industry experience will be most welcomed as IEWC pushes ahead with its growth initiatives.”

As Managing Director of Premier Cables, Jeff Weinstein will report into IEWC’s Chief Operating Officer, Jim Wojan. Wojan stated that, “Premier Cables brings with it many of the same cultural characteristics that are present within IEWC today. This will be a very ‘light integration’ as the Premier Cables business represents new markets, new products and new customers for IEWC.”

Premier Cables currently operates out of four UK-based facilities with a workforce of approximately 50 employees

The New – welcome to the future

For 54 years IEWC has made it our business to know what it’s like to walk in the shoes of our customers. While those shoes look a lot different than they did in 1963, our vision has never changed. Our goal has always been to develop an intimate knowledge of what our customers need to excel at their job and then create a business that solves those needs better and quicker than anyone else.

Those needs have changed significantly in the last decade as the digital revolution sweeps across the commercial landscape inundating all of us with information through the web, our smartphones, social media, television, radio and any other of the hundreds of options out there. The problem of “finding the information” was once the biggest obstacle, now the issue of finding “quality and relevant data” is every customer’s struggle. We’ve become an “on-demand” civilization, expecting the information we want… to be delivered to us however we want… whenever we want it.

You’re a 21st century consumer, and you expect 21st century solutions. You’ve asked for quick, you’ve asked for easy and you’ve asked for right when it comes to procuring the products you need. Well, we’ve heard you and we have a response that we think you’ll love.

The new has Better Product Data, that is both accurate and consistent. Want more? How about a Better Online Catalog with thousands of images and spec sheets. Not enough? We’ve got Improved Searchability that allows you to search by our part number, the manufacturer part number or any number of keywords. Plus, it will have the best filtering system in the industry!

And we’re just getting started!  Each year we’ll introduce more features such as eCommerce so you can place your orders online, Real-Time Pricing and Stock Availability to provide transparency on critical purchasing factors, and Live Chat for immediate service and support. And for our valued customers outside of the United States, Multi-Language Content.

As the world continues to change, we know you will continue to adapt to ensure that you stay ahead. We’ll help make things easier for you by adapting right along with you.

Welcome to the new “digital” IEWC.

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