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Product Categories

Control & Flexible Cables

Control Cables are flexible in design and application. Examples include control, signaling, measurement, motor and robotics.

Energy & Building Services

Primarily designed for fixed wiring and energy supply at 600/1000volt . This range of cables includes both single and multicore (BASEC APPROVED) options to both British and International standards.

Medium & High Voltage

Premier Cables Ltd offers a comprehensive range of Medium and High Voltage Cables.


Elastomeric more popularly known as rubber cables cover a broad range of cables and applications including Portable generation, welding, high temperature, ship wiring lift hoist and festoon.


A range of cables for use in the Oil. Gas Petrochemical, Water treatment and Industrial Process and Control applications.

Fire & Security

This range of cables is used for interconnecting sensor and control panels in the security and fire alarm applications.

Data & Telecommunications

Premier Cables offer a comprehensive range of transmission, signalling and communications cables to facilitate voice, video and data connection across the globe.

Assembly Lead & Harness Services

Premier Cables offers to supply you with the best quality cable already fitted with connectors of your choice, ready for you to simply plug in & play. Safe, simple and cost effective.

Renewable Energy

The demand for clean energy has led to new industries within Solar, Wind, Waste, Biomass to provide clean renewable energy.

Structured Wiring

A Structured Wiring System is a complete system of cabling and hardware, which provides a comprehensive telecommunications infrastructure.

Fibre Optic

Premier Cables offer a comprehensive range of fibre optic cables

Planes, Trains & Automobiles

The demands of our road, rail and airport facilities are incorporated under the banner of planes, trains and automobiles.

Cathodic Protection

Cathodic cables are used for protection against electrolytic and galvanic corrosion of objects, for example pipelines and other submerged or buried metal structures.

Coaxial & Tri-axial

Coaxial & Tri-axial cables for video and CATV distribution, RF, microwave, computer and instrumentation data.

IEWC Product Line

For more than half a century, IEWC has supplied complete solutions for our customers’ wire, cable and wire management needs.

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