Who We Serve

Premier Cables provides world-class products and services throughout the globe to an ever growing diverse customer base, including the following sectors: 
Energy & Building Services
Medium & High Voltage Solutions
Wind Energy
Portable Generation
Fibre Optic
Data & Telecommunications
Aerospace & Defence
Broadcast & Communications
Entertainment & Stage Lighting
Cranes, Hoists & Lifts
Heating & Refrigeration
Industrial Automation

Extensive Range of market leading products

Control & Automation Telecommunications
Energy & Building Services Solar
Medium & High Voltage Fire & Security
Elastomerics Airfield Lighting
Instrumentation Traffic
Data & Electronics Connectors
Fibre Optics Terminations

Our People

Premier Cables a division of the IEWC group employs over 450 people across the globe who are dedicated to providing an unparalleled customer experience to help ensure the growth of your company. Join our team {click)

Our Locations

With 20 locations in 8 countries, IEWC group customers receive the same service levels anywhere in the world.

Our Values

The IEWC group Code of Conduct {click} guides our employees to be mindful of our commitments to each other, our customers, business partners and community.

Environmental Protection

Premier Cables is committed to preventing activities and/or conditions that might pose a threat to the environment. We constantly strive to conserve natural resources and eliminate any releases to water, air and land that may harm human health or the environment.


Premier Cables local recycling programs, and re-uses and recycles packaging and consumer products whenever possible. We continue to seek environmentally preferred alternatives for packaging materials that are not presently recyclable. 

Energy Conservation

Premier Cables strives to use energy efficiently throughout our operations and we support the wise use of energy by our customers and our suppliers. 

Risk Reduction

Premier cables minimizes environmental, health and safety risks to our employees and the communities in which we operate by employing safe technologies and operating procedures. We encourage employees to report any conditions that could be harmful to the environment or pose health or safety hazards, so prompt preventive or corrective actions can be taken.