Argosy Showcases Unique Control and Display Systems at ISE 2018


Argosy, IEWC’s Broadcast & AV division is demonstrating its range of infrastructure products at ISE 2018 (Amsterdam RAI, 6 – 9 February, stand 10-K160). Highlights include intelligent display and power management systems from IPE, the unique 4k-over-IP KVM solution from ATEN and video scalars and routers from Ensemble Design.

Large audiovisual installations depend upon multiple individual pieces of equipment. The eMU3 intelligent mains distribution system from IPE, distributed by Argosy, provides complete control and monitoring, including start-up sequencing, load-shedding and monitoring. A single network can support 96 individual devices over IP.

Where the remote devices support it, the same network harvests data from each device, such as environmental parameters and equipment status. Alerts are displayed through the system’s simple web user interface. eMU3 distribution panels can include automatic changeover for high availability requirements.

Argosy will also be demonstrating the Intelligent Display System (IDS) from IPE, which can be linked to eMU3 power management to enrich an overall management system, and to provide warnings and alarms at key points in the system. IDS is a powerful dynamic intelligent display and management system, which supports large numbers of user-defined screen designs to any connected display device. As well as system status information, IDS screens can include clocks, cue lamps, scrolling text, control interfaces, video streams, URLs, RSS feeds, digital signage and branded media.

Another highlight of the Argosy display at ISE 2018 is the first KVM (keyboard, video and mouse) solution capable of supporting visually lossless 4k Ultra HD, over a copper gigabit ethernet network. Developed by ATEN system, it allows the hardware for a complete facility to be installed in a central machine room, with the control surfaces and monitors connected over the existing network fabric.

Ensemble Design will also be on the Argosy booth this year, demonstrating its range of video scalers and routers, designed as compact problem-solving solutions. BrightEye routers and SDI embedders will be among the products on show.

Audiovisual installations are very sophisticated today – we are currently involved in the installation of a very large VR experience centre in Dubai, for example,” said Chris Smeeton, CEO of Argosy. “The underlying technology, from cables and connectors to power management and systems monitoring, is vital if the system is going to perform perfectly, day after day.

We take seriously our role to provide this underlying technology, working with innovative vendors like ATEN and IPE, but also with the companies making seemingly routine products like cable and connectors,” Smeeton added. “By working with market leaders like Belden, Nexis and Cliff Connectors we can help our customers get the very best solutions for their installation at the optimum price.”