Three Phase IP44 Extention Cable

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Product Description

At Premier we use only the best materials for the job. Our extension cables are built using only the best quality H07RN-F cable made in Western Europe and the connectors we use are equally of the best quality available in today’s market (in fact we offer you a choice of brands to suit your preference and/or budget).

These extension cables are made to suit your requirement –typically 50m, 30m, 25m, 20m, 15m, & 10m lengths…

Please seek technical assistance from a qualified person/company if you intend to run extensions beyond 100m.

The cable used to make your extension is suitable for use in harsh outdoor conditions. The cable itself is resistant to water, heat, oil, flames and crushing. The connectors are made from toughened plastics with heat resistant contact carriers and a cable gland grip that provides strain relief and protection against water ingress to IP67.

Every one of our extension cables is checked for phase continuity in-house

  • For Three Phase 125A we recommend the use of 35mm² cable
  • For Three Phase 63A we recommend the use of 16mm² cable
  • For Three Phase 32A we recommend the use of 6mm² cable
  • For Three Phase 16A we recommend the use of 2.5mm² cable