A range of cables for use in the Oil. Gas Petrochemical, Water treatment and Industrial Process and Control applications. Manufactured to BS 5308 (Pas 5308) and EN50228-7. These cable off excellent electromagnetic protection and are suitable for intrinsically safe environments.

Available options:

BS5308 Part 1 - PE (Polyethylene) insulated cables                                                                                                     Part 1 Type 1 - Unarmoured - collectively screened (CAM) and individually & collectively screened ( ICAT). PVC or LSZH sheathed.

Part 1 Type 2 - Armoured - collectively screened (CAM) and individually & collectively screened (ICAT). PE insulated, PE bedded, Galvanized steel wire armour (SWA). PVC  or LSZH sheath.

Part 1 Type 3 - Armoured - collectively screened (CAM) or individually & collectively screened (ICAT). PE insulated, PVC bedded, lead alloy oversheath, galvanized steel wire armour. PVC or LSZH sheath.

Part 2 - PVC insulated instrumentation cables - available as Type 2(SWA) or Type 3 (Lead)+ (SWA)

BS5308 cable colour coding
BS5308 cables are manufactured with colour-coded insulated pairs or (ICAT) with numbered foil screened individual pairs.