Medium Voltage Power Cables Multicore

Generally, for utility power applications, commercial buildings and industrial plant.

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Product Description

XLPE Insulated, PVC Sheathed Three-core Cables for Fixed Installations 3.6/6 kV; 6/10 kV; 12/20kV; 18/30 kV

For indoor or outdoor installation in open air in tray, trough and conduit or for direct burial in free draining soil or inside duct where no mechanical damage is to be expected. Power cable for utilities medium voltage underground distribution systems and in commercial buildings, industrial plants, power stations and substations.

For rated voltages U0/U(Um): 3.6/6(7.2) kV; 6/10(12) kV; 12/20kV or 18/30 kV at maximum conductor
temperatures of 90 °C for continuous normal operation and 250 °C for short circuit.

Technical Specification


Copper or Aluminium compacted conductor

Conductor Screen

Triple Head Extruded


XLPE (Cross Linked Polyethylene) Dry Nitrogen Cured

Bonded Insulation

XLPE ( Cross Linked Polyethylene) Dry Nitrogen Cured

Water Block

S/C Swellable Tape


Solid Bare Copper wires/ Counter Helix Copper Tape


PE Black UV Resistant or Red