ADSS Fibre Optic Cable

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Product Description

All Dielectric Self-Supporting (ADSS) cables are designed for aerial self-supporting applications
requiring short, medium and long span distances.

Our ADSS cables offer a rapid and economical means for deploying optical fiber cables along existing aerial rights-of-way. They are deployed by cable television operators, telephone companies, municipalities and emerging network operators, in addition to electric power utilities. The ADSS cable consists of a number of tubes/elements according to the specified number of fibers. The elements are usually fiber-containing tubes; however fillers may be used to preserve the cable

Two to 24 color-coded fibers are loosely laid in each tube containing a water-blocking gel.The tubes are stranded around a dielectric central strength member and a water-swelling tape is helically wrapped around the cable core.

Aramid yarn strength members are helically laid to provide the required tensile performance of the cable. The outer jacket is tightly bound over the aramid yarn layer. For long span applications a double jacket design can be considered. A ripcord is located under each jacket layer to facilitate its removal.

Technical Specification

Loose Tube Diameter

A – 1.8mm, B – 2.1mm, C – 2.5mm, D – 2.8mm, E – 3.1mm

Number of Fibers

up to 24 per tube

Core Water Blocking

D – Dry, G – Gel, X – None

Inner Jacket Water Blocking

D -Dry, G -Gel, X – None


Aluminium Moisture Barrier, Aramid Strength Yarns, Dielectric, Glass Strength Yarns, Nylon, Steel Braid Armour, Steel Wire Armour


LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen), Polyethlene, PVC