Multi-Tight Distribution Cables

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Product Description

Short and medium distance, indoor and protected environments.

As a riser, or general purpose cable.

Interconnection of distribution boxes, of the distribution boxes and customer equipment, and between floors.

The cable contains 4 to 288 fibers individually buffered to 0.9 mm in a tight or semi-tight construction and coded.

The cable structure depends on the number of fibers:

In the 4-to-24-fiber cables (MTA series), the individual fibers are stranded and protected by aramid yarns and a PVC or HFFR jacket.

When more than 24 fibers are required sub-units are employed which are laid helically along the cable axis. Each sub-unit contains 4 to 12 fibers, aramid yarns and a PVC or halogen-free flameretardant sheath. The sub-units are then stranded around a central element made either of additional sub-units or a central filler.

  • MTA – up to 24 fibers without sub-units
  • MTB – 26-96 fibers in 4 fiber sub-units
  • MTC – 98-144 fibers in 6 fiber sub-units
  • MTD – 146-192 fibers in 8 fiber sub-units
  • MTE – 194-288 fibers in 12 fiber sub-units

A wide range of jacket and armoring options is available: PVC, HFFR, corrugated steel , fiberglass,
aramid yarn, and more. The steel armored option is available in conjunction with a PE or HFFR
jacket. A ripcord is located under the jacket to facilitate removal.

  • Cables tested according to TIA/EIA-455 and IEC-60794-1-2. For details see Test Methods Table
  • Cables ordered with HFFR jackets meet IEC-60332-1 standard
  • Cables meet or exceed Telcordia (Bellcore) requirements for indoor plant cables (GR-409)
  • On request cables meeting the IEC-60332-3 can be supplied
  • Available in constructions meeting UL 1666 (Riser rating)

Technical Specification

Number of Fibers

4 to 12 fibers

Core Water Blocking

D – Dry, G – Gel, X – None

Inner Jacket Water Blocking

D -Dry, G -Gel, X – None


Aluminium Moisture Barrier, Aramid Strength Yarns, Dielectric, Glass Strength Yarns, Nylon, Steel Braid Armour, Steel Wire Armour


LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen), Polyethlene, PVC