Single Loose Tube FiberOptic Cable

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Product Description

The cable consists of a single tube containing 2 to 24 fibers, either filled with water-blocking gel or using a gel-free, dry water-blocking design. When the cable contains more than 12 fibers, they are divided in two groups. A colored thread identifies each group. Physical protection and tensile strength are provided by aramid or fiberglass yarns stranded around the tube.

A wide range of jacket and armoring options is available: UV-stabilized PVC, FR-LSZH (HFFR) materials, PE, corrugated anti-rodent steel, sealed aluminum moisture barrier tape, dielectric armor etc.. A ripcord is located under the jacket to facilitate its removal.

A Fig-8 self-supporting cable is available in all fiber-counts for aerial applications.

Technical Specification

Loose Tube Diameter

A – 3.1mm, B – 4.5mm

Number of Fibers

01 to 24

Core Water Blocking

D – Dry, G – Gel, X – None

Inner Jacket Water Blocking

D -Dry, G -Gel, X – None


Aluminium Moisture Barrier, Aramid Strength Yarns, Glass Strength Yarns, Nylon, Steel Braid Armour, Steel Wire Armour


LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen), Polyethlene, PVC